Birth Photography

Head First Birth Photography

The birth of your baby is one of the most important days of your life. You've been waiting with anticipation for months. Buying the essential items and possibly, a lot of non-essential ones as well. Preparing the Baby's room, washing, folding and putting tiny clothes away, discussing and frequently changing your mind over a potential name, perhaps trying to guess what the sex might be, cleaning every nook and cranny of your home in preparation and finally checking and re-checking the batteries for your camera. You believe that you have everything in place just as it should be. You are ready to go - or so you thought!

The labour starts, the  contractions hit and suddenly all of the plans and preparation go out the window. The pain kicks in and you just want "to get it over with"! When the baby finally makes its appearance, you are exhausted. After some skin-to-skin and the baby has fed, the midwives check everything is in order.  It is not until later when the chaos has subsided that you realise that no-one took pictures of your baby’s entrance into the world.

There is a way to prevent this mishap. Head First Birth Photography is ready, willing and able to capture these special moments. Having someone else handle the birth photography means that you and your support person can focus on the incredibly important job at hand - bringing your tiny human into the world, safely. That is more than enough for you to worry about! We would be honoured to capture this occasion for you.