Breastfeeding Photographs

Breastfeeding Photographs and Birth Journey Photography

For some women, the amount of time between going into labor and the baby entering the world is hours - sometimes days - long. For others, it seems to be over in minutes. Regardless of what the clock says, there is a miraculous journey from the moment labor begins until the baby is in your arms. One of the important decisions you have probably already made is how you are going to feed your baby. For most, breastfeeding is the natural choice.


Breastfeeding your baby is bonding experience.- I am happy to capture this first nursing experience if you want. Alternatively you may want to wait until you have worked out how this breastfeeding works and are comfortable with the  experience.


If you are interested in Breastfeeding photographs in addition to any part of Head First Birth Photography's repeture give us a call to discuss your options and expectations. Let me help you capture these special moments. It might be fun to get all your breastfeeding friends together,  take a group image.

For many women, breastfeeding doesn't come naturally or easily.  For most there is a degree of perseverance and for some women, constant advice and support is necessary.  As a lactation consultant I understand the difficulties that some women experience. However there is help. The ABA   (Australian Breastfeeding Association) and the College of Lactation Consultants (CLWA) are fantastic resources.   Please click on the links below.

Baby breastfeeding by a woman