Labour And Birth Photographs

The Magic of Labour and Birth Images

Labour and birth is a very special time for all involved - particularly for the new parents. It is an incredible feeling seeing your baby, in person for the first time. The reality of parenthood!. You will experience a myriad of emotions - many that are difficult to describe in words.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but labour and birth photos can be be worth so much more. Capturing the love and surprise on a parents’ face is a joy that a privileged few may see. It is a special time for everyone involved.

Having missed the opportunity to have labour and birth photos myself, I understand how important documenting your special day really is. I will keep in contact with you leading up to the time you go into labour. I  will be there with bells on before your baby arrives and stay until the chaos calms - about an hour after birth. I will put my heart and soul into capturing the beauty and the essence of your wonderful day.


A selection of photographs of incredible moments of labour and birth are demonstrated throughout this website. See Photographs tab.. You can also follow Head first Birth Photography on Facebook and Instagram. There are many more examples of photographs in my collection. Send me a message via the Contact Form to arrange an appointment. We can use this opportunity to discuss what your expectations are and where we go from here.


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