Newborn Photography

Head First: Perth- based Birth Photography and Newborn Photography

Newborns are full of life and wonder! They react to the sound of your voice, the warmth of your body, and they feel things in their own unique way. Their bright eyes are beautiful, their sleep is serene and their expressions are precious. These bundles of joy are only newborn for a short amount of time so it's worth capturing these moments, especially as they grow so fast.

One minute they are completely reliant on you, the parents. Seemingly the next, they are teenagers getting ready to go off to university. We cannot keep our babies tiny - they grow every minute of the day. However, we can document their tiny size and big moments with newborn photography.

Newborn photography is an art form - one designed to capture your baby’s beauty, personality, and individual essence.  It is an experience you don't want to pass up. These photographs not only give you the opportunity to look back on this beautiful time but give you the chance to share these moments with family and friends. You will relive these moments often, perhaps even when your baby is having one of their own.

After photographing your labour and birth, I will happily come back to film the newborn moments whenever you wish - be it a week or a month later.  If you just want Newborn photography, Head First Birth Photography is happy to capture your baby in a timeframe that suits you.

Baby holding by a man