Pregnancy Photographs

Experience the Joy of Pregnancy Images

Pregnancy is a beautiful and miraculous time. Your baby may be no bigger than a peanut when you first find out   Over time, the baby grows and the woman’s body naturally changes to accommodate the baby’s needs. As the time for birth nears, the mother’s body adapts for the baby to make his or her special appearance. Watching these changes throughout pregnancy is fascinating.

Many couples want to capture the baby’s growth from early pregnancy to birth. Pregnancy photos can do just that - they can document your favourite moments. You might choose to have pregnancy photos early on for announcements. You may want to wait until you have a little bump to show off. Perhaps you will leave it until it is almost time for the baby to arrive. Some people have taken photos each week or each month of their pregnancy. It is never too early or too late for pregnancy photos - only the time you choose.

While personal snapshots and selfies are beautiful, having an experienced maternity photographer will maximise the beauty of the pregnant woman. They can illuminate the perfect silhouette , the most flattering angle and the beautiful glow al that expecting mothers have. It is important to capture the Dads expression of love and sometimes trepidation. Perth has some of the most incredible scenes in which to capture the most beautiful photographs.

Pregnancy is a special time, so it makes sense to immortalize it. I would love to document your journey from the moment you realise you are expecting until after your little one has arrived. Call Head First Birth Photography or send me a message using the Contact form.

man and woman holding baby bump